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4 Morsel Gift Box (2 oz.), $24.00
6 Morsel Gift Bag (3oz.), $36.00
Brick (4oz.), $39.00

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morsels & bricks

topped with crushed coffee bean
Let go of any notions or past experiences you have related to 'white chocolate'. This is so not that. Our version of 'white' includes the same superfoods of our other o'cacao recipes. However, the primary difference with this gorgeous confection is the absence of any of dark cacao paste (made from the cacao beans). The only part of the theobromacacao plant included is the ivory colored cacao butter, which creates an incredibly creamy, buttery, and moist consistency. You'll notice differences in appearance, from morsel to morsel, because the mesquite, goji berry, ground vanilla and espresso create caramel shades of layers. Topped with the poignant crunch of beans, the evocative aroma of coffee is blended throughout this elegantly structured flavor. Patrons of o'cacao, who were part of the taste testing group are calling it, 'insanely delicious' . We agree.

*organically grown ingredients
Proprietary blend of Raw Cacao Butter*, Raw Coconut*, Raw Mesquite*, Raw Goji Berry*, Xylitol (Low GI & GMO-free sourced from USA-grown birch trees), GMO-free Chicory Prebiotic, Espresso*, Raw Gluten-free Vanilla*, Coffee Bean*, Salt