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4 Morsel Gift Box (2 oz.), $24.00
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Brick (4oz.), $39.00

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VanillaCaramel Morsels
VanillaCaramel Brick
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For a number of years this flavor was offered only via word-of-mouth, to pre-existing o’cacao customers – amongst whom it was a cult favorite.   On the one hand VanillaCaramel is considered the ‘plainest’ of the o’cacao flavors – it has no pronounced ‘top’ notes – yet, it is anything but!  Its richly rounded caramel palate is created with an extra heavy dose of premium raw & organically grown mesquite pod powder, which we blend into all o’cacao recipes.  Mesquite is known for it’s caramel-like flavor…  The vanilla bean we source, also raw & organically grown, has been ground down into a luscious and velvety dark powder.   Free of crunchy nibs, this is one of the ‘smooth’ o’cacao flavors.  VanillaCaramel is a gorgeous addition to our boutique shop – we think you’ll adore it!


*organically grown ingredients
Proprietary blend of Raw Cacao*, Raw Coconut*, Raw Mesquite*, Raw Goji Berry*, Xylitol (Low GI & GMO-free sourced from USA-grown birch trees), GMO-free Chicory Prebiotic, Raw Gluten-free Vanilla*, Salt