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a slow food ritual

Due to its dense concentration of flavors, scents and textures,
a single morsel of o'cacao contains 2-4 servings.

Sure, you can pop an entire morsel into your mouth, all at once.

However, that is somewhat akin to downing a full glass of premium wine, without pause. Versus,
capturing the sensory subtleties and nuances, which arise only when each single glass is slowly relished.

o'cacao lovers, who make this 'food medicine' a staple of their diet, generally consume no more than
a single morsel over the course of a day or two.

A little truly goes a very long way.

Pull your selection of o'cacao out of cold storage;
for example, a morsel every other day, or half a brick for the week.

Unwrap the biodegradable cellulose, which may be composted.
Place selection on a plate or cutting board.
Allow it to breathe and open, at room temperature, for 24 - 72 hours.

Give it time. This is a living food.

The flavors and textures morph as o'cacao adapts to room temperature.

Once fully adapted, locate your sharpest paring knife.
Turn the morsel or brick onto its side (so that the topping is not 'on top').

Slice firmly, straight down the very middle, into halves.
Continue to slice firmly, straight down the very middle, of each subsequent piece. *

Experiment and pair o'cacao with various beverages, according to time of day, or occasion. Such
as: green juice, coffee, tea, coconut water, kombucha, beer, spirits, or wine.

* Please note:
Certain o'cacao flavors will allow for a very precise cut.
Other flavors may crumble or splinter a bit when slicing.
Such is the nature of this living food.

"You can taste the pureness of the ingredients.
There is a subtlety of flavours and a smoothness of texture that is like no other raw chocolate I have tried.
o'cacao is a completely unique sensory experience."
NW, London, United Kingdom

"Unlike anything I've ever eaten..."
AH, Santa Ynez, California