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"Wine & Spirits Magazine was pleased to present the chocolates of o’cacao
at our 2016 Top 100 Tasting Event in San Francisco,
where o’cacao shared a trio of handcrafted raw chocolates with a crowd of 700 people.
They were one of ten artisan purveyors our editors
chose to match the wines from our Top 100 Wineries of the year."
Christine Ballard, Marketing Coordinator

"You only need the mere meagre nip..."
DB, London, United Kingdom

"Cacao in its purest form has so many health benefits, most notably its antioxidant properties. o'cacao is, in my opinion, one of the cacao foods closest to being plucked right from the tree. I have tasted the fruit of the cacao tree before it is dried and roasted. But that is a much different experience than the creamy, slightly bitter nip of cacao after it's been made into a 'chocolate' form. I'm so happy to have found a cacao food that I can confidently recommend to my clients and family who would benefit from the antioxidant flavonoids, but without ingredients that taint its purity, such as the indulgent addition of sugar and dairy. This chocolate food – o'cacao – is Paleo friendly, gluten free, low glycemic and delectable."
Daniel Sanelli, M.Sc., Clinical Nutritionist

"o'cacao is, hands down, the best raw chocolate I have ever had...
The greatest decadence is that I have it every morning for breakfast.
Nothing is better than starting the day with chocolate."
AG, Los Angeles, California

“I love indulging in this silky, rich and flavorful raw cacao from o’cacao.
It's Skin Food!  
They are handmade in small batches, are super skin friendly
in addition to being mesmerizingly deep, dark and nutrient rich...
This is simply the most elegant, and flavorful chocolate I have ever experienced.
I really appreciate a chocolate I can recommend to my customers
that will be as good for their skin as it is for their spirits.”
Even Healy, Skincare Visionary + Beauty Radical

"You can taste the pureness of the ingredients.
There is a subtlety of flavours and a smoothness of texture
that is like no other raw chocolate I have tried.
o'cacao is a completely unique sensory experience."
NW, London, United Kingdom

"After a very long (and ultimately very productive) board meeting,
it seemed time for a reward for a hard working group.
I brought out my lovely o'cacao wooden cutting board,
a sharp little knife, and six morsels of o'cacao chocolate to sample.
I sliced the first morsel, which was CocoLavender, then passed it down the table...
There were initial murmurs of approval...
as we progressed through the other five flavors,
the conversation grew increasingly animated...
And, everyone agreed: just too good not to share!"
Andrea Jepson, Oahu, Hawaii

"When I discovered o'cacao, I realized that chocolate wasn't just for dessert anymore!
Serving o'cacao at a party or gathering takes the menu and experience to a new place.
Giving guests the freedom to choose from a selection of o'cacao,
during or after a meal, is refreshing and fun."
JS, Woodside, California

"Unlike anything I've ever eaten..."
AH, Santa Ynez, California

"Bioneers was honored to serve o'cacao chocolate at our 2016 National Bioneers Conference.
Not only are o'cacao products delicious - they are created in a way that encompasses
the needs of all of our socially, environmentally and wellness focused attendees.
Such a product is rare!
Bioneers takes great pride in collaborating with aligned businesses,
and we look forward to serving o'cacao to our guests again in years to come."
Bioneers, international non-profit educational organization

"I am not sure how to express the experience of relishing the chocolate you are crafting except to say it is an extraordinary and heavenly gift… an experience that supports our good health while feeding all the senses!"
LPB, Monterey, CA

"The most sensual bite of chocolate I've ever had..."
NT, Berlin, Germany

"There is something incredibly sensuous about o'cacao.
Aromatic and subtly textured,
this is heady medicine in the guise of pure, healthy, organic chocolate.
Share it with a lover, bring it as house gift,
or simply make it part of your day-to-day life.
o'cacao is that one rare treasure that is not to be missed."
SD, Mill Valley CA

"West Elm LA love having o’cacao pop by! Our customers love knowing that we offer organic products, so o’cacao fits perfectly with West Elm's merchandise… o’cacao has visited us twice and has gotten amazing feedback by our customers! It is so delicious and scrumptious, we just can't get enough! We'd love for o’cacao to come back for more events and pop-ups with us in the near future!"
Zara Rada, Assistant Manager, West Elm LA

"When I eat conventional chocolate I feel jittery, and often have a breakout on my face soon afterward.
This doesn't happen with o'cacao.
I feel a calm sustainable energy, and after eating o'cacao,
for several days my skin looks noticeably brighter and clearer."
DM, San Francisco, California, USA

"This is some bad ass chocolate."
AR, San Francisco, California

"I've come to the conclusion that o'cacao is just a part of my life now..."
LP, Davenport, California

"This raw, organic chocolate in the morning, an excellent way to start my day."
VMK, Portola Valley, California