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4 Morsel Gift Box (2 oz.), $24.00
6 Morsel Gift Bag (3oz.), $36.00
Brick (4oz.), $39.00

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morsels & bricks
Peppermint Morsels
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topped with dried peppermint leaves
Peppermint o'cacao. Aromas of herbal infusion waft from the chocolate, upon opening the wrapper. An immediate coolness envelops the tongue, mellowing to reveal a gradual swell of pure peppermint flavour, with a slight bite from the dried leaves decorating the top. A perfect evening chocolate to calm and soothe the palate. Or, if eaten immediately upon removal from cold storage (o'cacao must be stored in refrigerator or freezer), the perfect restorative refreshment on a hot day.

*organically grown ingredients
Proprietary blends of Raw Cacao*, Raw Coconut*, Raw Goji Berry*, Raw Mesquite*, Xylitol (Low GI & GMO-free sourced from USA-grown birch trees), GMO-free Chicory Prebiotic, Raw Maca*, Peppermint*, Salt