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4 Morsel Gift Box (2 oz.), $24.00
6 Morsel Gift Bag (3oz.), $36.00
Brick (4oz.), $39.00

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morsels & bricks
FireCake Morsels
FireCake Brick
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topped with chili flakes
FireCake o'cacao. A slight pungency in the aroma revealed in all its potency on the tongue. The red fruit acidity is gradually superseded by a growing heat, which becomes stronger as the mouth progresses. Strongly piquant and cheeky - this is not for the faint of heart and will put fire in anyone's belly!

*organically grown ingredients
Proprietary blends of Raw Cacao*, Raw Coconut*, Raw Mesquite*, Raw Goji Berry*, Xylitol (Low GI & GMO-free sourced from USA-grown birch trees), GMO-free Chicory Prebiotic, Habaneros Chili*, Salt
(much hotter than RoseChili)