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about o'cacao

o'cacao did not begin with the intention to develop a 'product' , nor to start a business. Rather, it originated out of an uncompromising need to do something 'creative'.

That need was coupled with a quest for the perfect chocolate, which she had yet to find anywhere between San Francisco and London.

Perfect and particular insofar as it would be raw, organic, and superfood laden; and made entirely with Low GI ingredients; and perfect insofar as it would satisfy an experientially sophisticated, yet definitively renegade, palate. (See our FAQ page for more details related.)

Today, o'cacao evolves as a business in ways that respect and protect its creative origins. Due to the niche and innovative nature of o'cacao, we are committed to growing slowly and deliberately, and value quality over quantity.

Awareness of o'cacao has spread almost entirely by word of mouth. The majority of o'cacao sales are direct to customer: individuals and households who incorporate this 'chocolate as food' into their daily diet and lifestyle. Exclusive tastings and special events have also provided o'cacao fresh exposure, and significantly, a chance to receive immediate feedback, which helped to define and shape the expression of this culinary anomaly.

o'cacao has been savored by food lovers around the world, from San Francisco to LA and NYC, and from London to Berlin and Cyprus.

Megan O'Grady Greene, owner + creator o'cacao
Photo Credit: Matt Jepson

"The most sensual bite of chocolate I've ever had..."
NT, Berlin, Germany

"There is something incredibly sensuous about o'cacao.
Aromatic and subtly textured,
this is heady medicine in the guise of pure, healthy, organic chocolate.
Share it with a lover, bring it as house gift,
or simply make it part of your day-to-day life.
o'cacao is that one rare treasure that is not to be missed."
SD, Mill Valley CA